• Triumvira Immunologics Inc (Oncology) –  Board of Directors 
  • ModiFace Inc (Imaging) – Medical Advisory Board 
  • KCI (Wound Management)– National Surgeon Advisory Board
  • MedFall Group (Health Care Management) – provided consultant services along with an external review of the Surgery program at Grand River Hospital (Kitchener, Ontario) with regards to resources, manpower, on-call coverage and equipment. 
  • Delegate for the Plastic Surgery section to the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) annual meeting and Surgical Assembly (May 4th – 6th, 2012).
  • S. Krajden “Scar Classification – Management options and future care costs”        The Litigator. July 2012. 
  • D.J. Anastakis, S. Krajden, W. Ng, G. Martou, C.B. Novak. Health Related Quality of Life and Disability Following Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Injuries Fourth Congress of the World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery. June 24-26, 2007 – Athens, Greece. 
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  • S. Krajden.  “Analysis of disability, chronic pain and quality of life following upper extremity peripheral nerve injuries Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting. Quebec City, Quebec. June 2006. 
  • S. Krajden.  “CT-based cephalometric ray analysis in a normocephalic pediatric population Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting. Hamilton, Ontario. June 2004. 



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