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Dr. Krajden did a breast reduction surgery for me and I have to say, his bed side manner is by far the best I have experienced so far. He is punctual, listens to you when you speak and explains everything in detail to the point you don’t really have any questions at the end of the conversation. The talk on what to expect, pain and healing process was covered in detail. On to the skill, perfectionist! I looked at myself a few days after surgery and thought….I look like Frankenstein but as the weeks passed and swelling went down the stitch lines became finer to the point now at 9 months post-op they are not obvious at first glance. I am so thrilled with the work done and follow up care after. Also a nod to Darlene, your go to person at his office that is full of helpful information. Be kind to her, she is there for you. Anyone looking for a great surgeon that takes care and pride in his work, this is the man for you.

I had a large tumor on my left hand below my baby finger to my wrist it was the size of a golf ball. Dr. Kradjen told me he would be able to remove it and explained the full procedure telling us the pro’s and con’s so we were prepared for any nerve damage or it may return. He was so informative, confident and kind I agreed to have it removed. The procedure went right on schedule, the staff was so kind and helpful I felt safe. To my amazement the tumor was out within two days I could bend my baby finger. The feeling was there and the sensation in my hand and fingers showed me they had no nerve damage. I will not forget the look on Dr Krajden face as the took the cast off and I bent my fingers he to was relieved they was no reason for concern it was successful. Having a doctor that shows his emotion and cares so much for his patient is a compassionate human being he used his skill and expertise to my advantage. I have a scare I am the only one who can see it is so faint, the results showed the tumor would not return, he deserves a 10 star rating in my book. If you need his services be prepared for a professional with amazing skills and compassion “He is the best!!!”

Doctor Krajden answered all my questions and concerns regarding my breast augment surgery. It took me almost three years to decide, but in the end I made a great choice and could not of been happier with the results. I am very happy with my decision to go with Doctor Krajden. I explored my options and had consults with two other surgeons before making my final decision. Dr. Krajden from the first visit on made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I felt confident with my gut decision to go with him. He is very knowledge and profession. I am very happy with the results and I would definitely recommend him without any hesitation.

I had an abdominalplasty procedure done by Dr. Kradjen in April 2017, right from my consultation I felt that Dr. Kradjen was very professional, caring, friendly and reassuring to all of my questions and took the time without rushing me to answer all my questions and walked me through all the steps and information leading up to my procedure. On surgery day he took some more time to reassure me as I was nervous and went over everything me again. After surgery he checked on me a few times to make sure I was ok and spoke with my family. At only 12 days post op and I felt amazing! So far my results are amazing and I can’t wait until the 6 week mark to see the true results. In all of my post op appointments I never feel rushed, all questions are answered and I’m cared for 100%. The staff at Dr. Krajden’s office is also as amazing as he is, the gals followed up with me before and after my surgery to make sure everything was ok. They accommodated me with appointments and made me feel welcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Krajden to anyone, you definitely will not be disappointed. Dr. Krajden has truly changed my life and has given me so much, more then he will ever know. Choosing Dr. Krajden you will never be disappointed!!

I had bilateral breast reduction surgery done by Dr Krajden two years ago and based on the experience and results I wish I had not been so afraid to make the decision and had done it years earlier. Despite having stitches the scars are barely visible and I never lost sensation in the nipples, a very positive outcome overall. Dr Krajden made me feel so comfortable all the way through the process. He and his staff were so friendly, caring, helpful and informative that it made my experience a positive one. His friendly, smiling personality and bed side manner would make anyone feel at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone, friends, family etc. He is an exceptional Surgeon with a great bedside manner.

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